Pip Andrews


 We all struggle to varying degrees with health and wellness issues. 


Bringing the benefits of Homeopathy to our community is my way of contributing to our individual and collective well-being. 

Using Homeopathy has made an amazing

difference to me and my family.


" I really enjoy my sessions with Pip. She helped me through some anxiety and physical symptoms that I was experiencing and the remedies she prescribed were spot on and worked very quickly and effectively. I love her dedication to finding the right remedies and I always feel very safe with her and trust her with any issue that I may be experiencing."  Anon

" I had been aware of a great number of homeopathic alternatives to standard medications, especially for my children and grandchildren so recently I sought help from Pip to help with my emotions on the anniversary of my husband's death. It was no easy task dealing with my grief processing, undoing the layers and dealing with anxiety, deep sadness and the inevitable weeping. There is no doubt that Pip has an extraordinary gift and passion for her work and this was certainly evident during the consultations I had with her. We built a trusted relationship together and she was able to support me and restore some calm and emotional balance during this time. A gentle and sympathetic practitioner, and one I will turn to in the future for emotional stress."  Anon

The Benefits of Homeopathy

Homeopathy can benefit people of all ages and it is a great tool to have in your medicine cabinet whether you are a young parent or older person. 

Homeopathy recognizes that everyone is different and caters to everyone's specific symptoms. For example, a cough can present in many different ways Is it wet or dry? Is worse at night or in the morning? The answers to these simple questions will determine which homeopathic remedy is prescribed. 

Homeopathy is now used worldwide and its effects have been experienced by millions of people. It is legally recognized as a separate system of medicine in 42 countries and as alternative or complementary healthcare in 28 others. 

Homeopathy is safe, easy to administer and cost-effective. It can be taken alongside your existing medicines with no side effects. 


Acute - involves an intense but isolated problem with clear and distinct symptoms. Has only been present for one to 2 days. Will involve a quick-fire questions and answer session. 

Focus - involves more listening. Problem is isolated but has been present for a little while (a few weeks). The condition is not going away like it should. 

 Comprehensive - involves the practitioner listening to the client. It is a conversation about your general state of health, any physical ailments or things that you are struggling with at that time. It can cover things such as sleep patterns, your routines, how you get on with those around you as well as likes and dislikes. This consult is better for those who have been dealing with a condition or multiple conditions for a while.

Follow-up - is a re-visit to see how you are going on your remedy. In most cases, you will be given some more of the remedy with adjustments. This is a very important part of your treatment journey.

Children's Consultations - involve Mum or Dad or Grandparent with the child answering simple questions. Bring any examples of children's art work if possible as this can help the remedy choice.


Each consultation is completely confidential and all documentation is legally

required to be kept secured. 

Comprehensive    1.5 hrs   $120
Focus                     40 min  $80
Acute                     20 min  $45
Follow-up             30 min   $45
Comprehensive           1 hr    $85
Focus                     30 min    $60
Acute                     20 min   $40
Follow-up             30 min    $40


      021 1249125       



  Mangawhai/ Wellsford, 

Aotearoa New Zealand

I consult either in-person or via Skype.

Contact me to talk about which consultation would be right for you.

Prices are in NZ Dollars. Bookings are essential.