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Hearing success stories from other Mums at our local playgroup had me trying homeopathic remedies for myself, my husband and our young family.  Having always been on the lookout for effective, safe alternatives to mainstream medicine, some early success in treating minor ailments with homeopathy clearly demonstrated its potential.


I had my case taken by my local Homeopath which was a profoundly positive experience.  I bought a book she recommended and subsequent experiments and experiences built on my growing excitement about what was possible in this field.  The next year, I enrolled in the Diploma course at the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in Auckland.  These days, my bookshelf is bending under the strain!


Previous tertiary qualifications include a Master of Science from Auckland University in 2000 and a Diploma in Teaching from Waikato in 2006. Today, I am a member of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths. 


I live in lower Northland, near Mangawhai on a small block of land with my husband, 2 children, some sheep and chickens. I love to watch the insects floating in the setting sunshine, and I find that walking in the bush always lets me get things into perspective.